Furnace Repair In St. Louis, MO

Furnace Repair In St. Louis, Maryland Heights, Kirkwood, MO, And Surrounding Areas

Are you searching for a furnace repair service? If yes then, Unique Heating & Cooling Inc. provides the highest quality furnace repair services to customers throughout St. Louis, Maryland Heights, Kirkwood, and the surrounding areas. Our furnace repair technicians are highly trained professionals who have years of experience working with all makes and models of furnaces. We use only the most advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to ensure your furnace is repaired quickly and efficiently.


With our furnace repair services, you can rest assured that your home or business will remain comfortable year-round. If you are in St. Louis, contact us at (314) 647-0604, and if you are in St. Louis contact us at (636) 388-4100 to schedule furnace repair in St. Peters.

Signs That You Need Furnace Repair

Here are a few signs that your furnace needs repair:

  • The furnace is cycling on and off frequently: If your furnace is turning on and off repeatedly, it could be a sign that the thermostat or another part of the system isn’t working correctly.
  • Making strange noises: If you hear any loud banging, clanging, or other strange noises coming from the furnace, it’s time to call a professional for help.
  • Unusual smells coming from the furnace system: Unusual smells from the furnace indicate that something is wrong and needs to be diagnosed and repaired.
  • Takes too long to warm up your home or business: If your home or business isn’t getting up to temperature fast enough, it could mean that there’s an issue with the furnace.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call our team of furnace repair specialists at Unique Heating & Cooling Inc. We can help diagnose and repair the issue quickly so you can get back to enjoying a comfortable environment.

Furnace Repair We Provide

  • Furnace Safety Inspections
  • Furnace Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • Furnace Blower Motor Repair
  • Furnace Pilot Light Adjustments

Unique Heating & Cooling Inc. understands that furnace repairs can be costly. That’s why we provide flexible financing options so you can get the repairs you need without breaking the bank. Our team is dedicated to providing superior customer service with every furnace repair job we undertake. We ensure all our customers are completely satisfied. We also provide furnace maintenance in St. Louis, MO.

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We’re committed to providing our customers with reliable furnace repair at an affordable rate so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your heating system is running smoothly again in no time. That’s why our technicians are available to respond to any furnace repair needs you may have. We provide competitive rates, flexible scheduling options, and same-day repairs in most cases so that you can get your home or business back up and running in no time. If you are in St. Louis, Maryland Heights, Kirkwood, MO, and surrounding areas and want to schedule furnace repair then contact us today.

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