Maintenance Service Plan

Two Annual Thorough Precision Tune-Ups
Lowers Utility Costs
5% Discount on Equipment Replacement Up to $500
5% Discount on Repairs
Priority Service


Clean gas burners

Clean pilot and tubing

Clean flame baffle (or ribbons)

Test manifold pressure

Test gas input

Test burner air adjustment

Test Flame sensor

Test gas valve

Test pilot safety

Monitor combustion chamber

Clean orifices

Test & lubricate blower motor

Test & lubricate blower & bearings

Test ignition

Change air filters

Test fan or limit control

Monitor thermostat

Verify set screws on squirrel cage

Verify vent system

Verify system operation


Verify evaporator coil

Test expansion valve

Test & clean evaporator drain

Test & adjust bypass dampers

Change air filters

Monitor thermostat operation

Test thermostat selector

Test circuit breaker & fuses

Verify temperature drop

Verify condenser cabinet

Clean condenser coil

Test & lubricate condenser fan motor

Test fan blades for tightness

Test start & run capacitors

Test start & run relays

Verify temp. across condenser coils

Verify wiring assembly

Verify head pressure

Verify refrigerant level

Test blower

Applies To*

Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps & Systems

Furnaces & Boilers

Unico Comfort Systems

Services & Service Parts

Air Cleaners