Heat Pump Repair In St. Louis, MO

Heat Pump Repair In St. Louis, Maryland Heights, Kirkwood, MO, And Surrounding Areas

Heat pumps are the best way to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round, but like any other appliance, they require maintenance and occasional repairs. Heat pump repair can be a tricky business, so it’s important to know when you need professional help. That’s when Unique Heating & Cooling Inc. can help.

Highly-skilled and trained professionals from Unique Heating & Cooling Inc. provide the best heat pump repair in St. Louis, Maryland Heights, Kirkwood, MO, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (314) 647-0604 and schedule an appointment. We always make your satisfaction a priority.


How To Know If You Need Heat Pump Repair?

To avoid costly repairs or even complete replacement of your heat pump, here are some signs that you need heat pump repair:

  1. Increased utility bills: Heat pumps are supposed to save you money on your energy bill but if you notice higher than-usual costs, something could be wrong with the unit.
  2. Temperature changes: Generally, heat pumps provide consistent temperatures throughout your home but if there’s a sudden shift in warmth or coolness, it might be a sign of an issue.
  3. Strange sounds: Heat pumps are relatively quiet when running but if you’re hearing odd rattling, humming, or clanking sounds, then it could be time for repair.
  4. Water damage around the unit: Heat pumps should never leak water and if you notice pooling or stains around your system, then something is probably wrong inside.

The Average Cost of Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump repairs often fall into the category of emergency fixes, and you may face an unexpectedly high bill if the repair takes more time or requires additional parts than expected. Heat pumps find themselves in all price ranges, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Repair cost generally depends upon the type of heat pump and the complexity of the problem. If possible it’s best to get a quote before scheduling any repair work so that you know what costs you’ll be dealing with before proceeding. Unique Heating & Cooling Inc. provides the best heat pump repair in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas.

Attempting To Repair Your Heat Pump Yourself?

A little attention and knowledge can tell you when your heat pump needs to be repaired. Even if you are certain that you have identified the source of the problem, we do not recommend that you attempt to repair it yourself. Your heat pump is a complex and multifaceted machine and attempting to repair it can result in long-term damage or even failure in function. Calling in our experts will save you stress and heartache in the short term and also money in the long run.

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If you are looking for the best heat pump repair service provider in St. Louis, Missouri, Unique Heating & Cooling Inc. is the exact place you need to visit. We provide the best service with experienced technicians along with 24/7 emergency services. We believe that you should be satisfied not only with the service but with the solution. Call us today and schedule an appointment to get the best heat pump repair service!

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